Mold Making

Mold Making

Tec-shine Manufacturing workshop located in Shenzhen area, which covers about 6800 square meters and a total workforce around 95. It is equipped with advanced processing equipment, such as: High-Precision CNC, Precision Wire cut, Mirror EDM and Double head EDM, Grinding machines and spotting machines, ect.  We also use EROWA holders for our electrodes.

We have 8 designers, 5 project   engineers, who have rich experience in mold industry for many years. With a well trained team of engineers and skilled staff, we specialize in making different kinds of injection molds.

Mold type

  • Common Custom Plastic Molds

  • High Precision Molds

  • Insert Molding Tools

  • Multiple Cavity Molds

  • Two Shot Molds

  • Unscrewing Molds

  • Gas Assist Molds

  • Die Casting Molds

Service area

  • Mold design

    Product design optimization, product anti-deformation analysis, 2D/3D pattern design, DFM/MF analysis

  • Mold production

    Covers mold size range 50KG-25T
    two-color mold, stack mold / T mold, plastic mold, multi-cavity mold, automatic thread removal mold, etc.

  • Plastic injection

    57 injection molding machines, 50KG-3000T tonnage, dust-free workshop production, 24/7 operation